Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case for Nexus 7 (2013) Review

Nexus 7 was a great new addition to my tiny gadget family. It’s got all the stuff you’d less find for a tablet of its kind and it is very easily the best of its category. I truly admire this device much as I do my PC, my lovely Lumia and even my fat but faithful laptop. And hence, it is also important to me that I protect all my devices at all costs from all the possible hazards, especially from being cracked into pieces.

Luckily, I got the perfect gear to protect my Nexus 7 from the possible risks of falling and thudding with other surfaces. The Curzerlite Bugdroid Curcuit case was my safety gear of choice that I found while scrolling through Amazon. It’s pretty, durable and is multi-purpose. It’s even intelligent! I had a lot of cases to choose from and there even existed the official Asus cases but they were too pricey and I didn’t had the pocket to fit it in. But I wasn’t left disappointed as this purchase proved perfect and made sense from every angle.

How come it’s intelligent though? The case has can automatically send your Nexus into sleep mode when you close the cover and when you open it back again, the device instantly wakes up. This is so cool for me and I constantly find my self do this to wake up my Nexus instead of searching for the power button. The Bugdroid Circuit is a flip-case and unlike most other flip-cases, it is very very durable. The rubber boundaries firmly hold your device and there is no chance of any part of the tab to come in contact with any surface as long as this might one is behind it. The main holder has a nice circuit grid pattern and is made of the same rubbery plastic that’s flexible. This holder is firmly fixed to the main flip-case which is also made of a durable board it seems bounded by leather and fabric skin. Together, this makes the entire case quite durable. I haven’t seen flip cases so durable like this one before and that easily wins my heart.

Another great thing was the magnetic strap that is the final piece of wrapping of your lovely Nexus. This makes it easy to open and you don’t have to worry a thing about it as the magnetic strap powerful enough to firmly hold both sides of the case. With the strap on, the Bugdroid Circuit case will look like a beautifully bound book.

It also comes in pretty colours which makes it yet another great choice. There are a lot of colour combos available including the classic black/black one but I loved the black/red combination which you are seeing in the pictures given. It’s the prettiest one that my eyes saw.

The flip case also has pouches where you can keep your different kinds of cards or objects of the same size. All the edges are well carved out and there is sufficient holes and cuttings for the power, volume buttons as well as for the micro USB port. Coming back to the rear, a perfect round carving makes it possible to seamlessly take pictures with the rear camera. The surround speakers are also given slits for most of the sound to pass through undisturbed.

Intelligent, durable and unmistakably beautiful, the Curzerlite Budroid Circuit case is the best case you can find for your Nexus 7 to keep it safe and to make it even more attractive. And all those features at an unbelievable price of just Rs. 1349 makes it an affordable well-built protection gear for the Nexus 7. There’s no need to think further and you can grab one right from Amazon via the links given below. Go get them soon before the stock runs out!