I just got myself a Nexus 7!

After two long years of the demise of my pretty old partner and my first ever tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, I am please to declare that I just got my hands on a sweet Asus Google Nexus 7 2013 edition with LTE. I really did regret the selling of my old tab as it was a perfect reader for me although I couldn’t use it further as it was quite bulky and I had to buy a Lumia 920 and the only way to manage the expenses was to bid goodbye to my then tab. But after the long term, I am back with a tablet as well as back with Android after about 4 years. My first and last partner was the HTC Wildfire which I barely used.

The Nexus 7 is definitely a solid tablet and it’s a very handy one too. I had to choose between the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7” and this one and I obviously ended up with Nexus 7 not just because it was popular and it was the best tablet I could buy but because it was customizable and pure Android unlike the AOSP Fire OS the Kindle Fire boasted.

The box and everything that came with was simple and elegant. I loved the casings. I wouldn’t detail it much and will just skip ahead to my first impressions here. The Nexus 7 is impressive, beautifully carved out and has a brilliant display along with several other tech. The performance was above my expectations and within minutes, it won my heart. The only backdrop was that the stock Android Jelly Bean 4.3 that came with the tab was buggy and I couldn’t get into the Play Store or even update my tab via OTA to the latest available update which is of course KitKat 4.4.2 even though it showed an update was available. Hence, I had to go and download the ROM from Nexus page and had to manually flash via ADB on day one itself. I hadn’t expected this but for me it was cool. And gladly, everything was fine after flashing and rooting (yeah, did that too!).

I wonder what a normal user would do if his tab doesn’t respond or update. This is really bad from a normal user’s point of view as it’d definitely leave a bad impression unless someone can swiftly fix it for him. But I welcomed this as a challenge and I managed to get even more familiar with ADB commands. It was fine by me.

Right now, I’m still loading apps and testing a few root experiments and extra stuff like kernels. I’ll stick with the stock OS for a long while as I’m in love with it and I don’t miss much options. There are plethora of custom ROMs at XDA for my Nexus but that can wait.

I’ll be back soon doing a review of this gorgeous device. You can but assure one thing – this is the best tablet you’ll get for under 30K INR right now. Nexus 8 would be coming but for now, the latest Nexus 7 is a trophy that fits well for any person both new and familiar with tablets. If you are looking to buy one, don’t wait for a review. The obvious teaser for my upcoming review would already be -- “Just go and get it!”.