The ‘Late’ 4th Annual Letter from the Desk

Firstly, I would like to take a moment to wish belated anniversary wishes to my own blog Sabernova. In case you are wondering, the blog just entered into its 4th year since reckoning. It’s been a great journey so far and I’m glad to frankly speak out the fact that I enjoyed almost all of it. I was searching for enlightenment and was constantly providing enlightenment and knowledge to hundreds of viewers like you for the past 3 years and I totally believe most of it paid off really well. But my quest was not one filled with greed and pride towards profit. In reality of the virtuality, it was just another mere journey of a user.

The Brief History

On 1st January 2011, Sabernova was opened to the world. It took a lot of struggle for me to bring it to the level it now lives on. Sabernova, if you didn’t knew before, was at the beginning known as Universalia – a souvenir name from an old friend. It was present in the web two years before Sabernova and was my first step in blogging. It helped me make a stand on the web among millions of others. It helped me understand the skills of a writer inside me, that I was never that bad in writing or more technically speaking, blogging. But the beginning wasn’t very good. I was distracted by my sudden motives towards money and it was all about making money back then. After getting frustrated of not being accepted by Google AdSense, I retired Universalia. But I never knew it was just a temporary vacation.

2 years later, I was desperate to type again, to lay my fingers on my keyboard to let the world known that I was there. Universalia was reborn but this time as Sabernova – which means ‘the land of knowledge’. Truly, it was one such land for me. Sabernova taught me a lot of thing like to do things genuinely, to do something to be happy and to be enriched with the truth of satisfaction. I was not anymore driven towards the money tree. Money was right infront of me – as happiness. Sure, I got AdSense to accept me along with a bunch of other ad networks too.


There’s nothing new about now. Right now, Sabernova is one such micro-blogs among the millions in the internet. I don’t want to make it the most crowded space and neither I want to drive it to rain cash. I write when I want to and that was the plan I’ve been following ever since the beginning.

Built and proudly powered by Blogger which is one of the best platforms for a blogger, Sabernova is already making a name for some great articles I’ve written through the past years. And there’s more to come too. Sabernova will never die and that’s a promise you can always trust in.

The Future

I have high hopes for Sabernova in the coming years. Firstly, it will gradually evolve from the level of a personal blog to a mini tech blog. New bloggers will join the party who will be writing specific posts which include major topics like photography, smartphones and much more. And it will be interesting because the editors whom you’ll be seeing will be devoted to the topic of their writing and I am definite that such people can make the best out of what they do. You just can’t become the best by knowing it all, you need to aspire and dream it and believe in it.

Starting with photography where a new section namely Rhythm of Shutter which is a facebook page dedicated to photography (street photography to be exact) driven by Sanjay Maheesan, my schoolmate will be the first to join the crew. He will be adding interesting pictures to make the blog richer and will also write journals of his travels.

I am still looking for people with enough skill, talent and ambition to write in my blog. If you happen to be one such person and if you can do it (guest blog), then just send me an email to

Sabernova and You

Lastly, I extend my deep thanks to each and every fellow reader who helped me cross the limits and who supported me all the way of my endless journey. Without you guys, Sabernova would be more like a half-baked cake.

I hope all of you will continue supporting me along my journey. The road ahead is not so easy and it will get more and more difficult. I just request everyone to be there with me when I make a jump. I can never get past the hurdles without your cheer. You will always be a core factor of my driving force.

And you can help me and Sabernova to reach out to the rest parts of the world. All it takes is a press of a button. Tell your friends and family about us and share our information to your circles through social medias to help us get more and more attention. Together, we can strenghten the community and we can make a new force. I am sure you will stand up to the cause and help me move forward. So, just read, understand and share.

Sangeeth Sudheer