Editor’s Desk – Merry Christmas!

Another year about to end. And there’s always a Christmas. A day we expel all the sadness and celebrate it with pomp and joy. There is truly some spirit on Christmas day that keeps us warm and that keeps us merry. So, on behalf of my entire social community, I wish each and everyone of you, a merry Christmas and let the Christmas Spirit shower your path forward with joy and opportunities.

* Merry Christmas *

2013 for me was pretty long. And unfortunately, I never felt it to be a year I never wanted to end. I always wanted to end it ASAP right from the start. It could be the burden of studies I had to face on entering the 12th grade which is pretty much an important level for each and every student in the country. It was simply forcing me to change my attitude but I can’t and I never will. I can only make the best out of my attitude instead of changing it. Change is nature, I agree. But there is always the time factor that provokes the change. For me, it’s not happening today or tomorrow.

Some good experiences in between and mostly boring days. But my hopes and dreams kept me awake constantly and forced me to move on. I also learned some great lessons this year that touches the root of human morality and that helped me reflect my attitude in front of the rest. I really had a lot of letdowns and got friend-zoned like a ton times. I fell but I learned to pick myself up again. These experiences taught me one of the greatest things – to smile even when there’s depression. If you still can’t do that, wear a fake one. It’s difficult at first – to control the emotions but then, you gradually improve. You learn to wear the fake smile again and again. Even when you get repeatedly taunted, you don’t stop doing that. Then, the community will stop ignoring you. They stop doing those displeasing things at you.

It’s more like wearing a mask. You can’t change your attitude. It’s imprinted on you from your birth itself. When you think you just changed, you actually didn’t. You just put on a mask. The mask covered your true identity from your surroundings and from you yourself. That’s what happens. Even if you wore a hundred masks, you can’t always hide yourself from the world. Someday or the other, you need to realize that you were actually wearing a mask.

Of course, not everything was invented by me. I just passed them to you. There’s even more I’d like to share but that’s not why you’re here, right?

Anyways, there’s just a few days more to go for a new year – 2014. My hopes and dreams travel in this thought and I’m pretty confident 2014 will never be like 2013. I hope it won’t be for you too. As for Sabernova, we will still continue doing our best. Well, “we” so far referred to just one person, me, Sangeeth, the only editor of this blog – so far. Well, ‘'so far” because we will soon have a secondary contributor.

His name is Sanjay Maheesan and he’s an amateur photographer and one of my close friends. We actually study in the same school but he’s a year younger than me. Sanjay is crazy in photography and he shoots some great pictures too. He also loves travelling and has been to many places across India. He currently manages the page, Rhythm of Shutter in Facebook. He will also share his travelling experiences and sights. Soon, the ROS team will join Sabernova starting with Sanjay first. That’s right, I’m trying to find more interesting people who have unique talents, skills and ideas to post in my website.

We’ll be having more in the coming days. As always, I’ll be keeping you updated with digital trends and hot new articles on tech.

Till then, adios!

Sangeeth Sudheer