DEFCON Kerala 2014 introduces HackSpace for Hardware Lovers

DEFCON Kerala’s second annual meet on Information Security has, besides the traditional events, a new event called HackSpace. The DEFCON Kerala announced the sub-event on their website. So, what exactly is HackSpace?

HackSpace is an interactive hands on workshop on hardware hacking. It'll cover everything from basic micro-controller programming to hardware based attacks. These include seminars and live workshops on Raspberry Pi, Arduino and more. Hardware lovers would definitely love this event and it is organized to attract hardware freaks.

According to DEFCON Kerala, “Workshop will start with basic programming fundamentals. This will serve as a base for the rest of the class. Attendees will be introduced to various boards such as the Raspberry Pi, various Arduino boards as well as boards such as the MSP430 Launchpad. The course will include fundamentals of bus protocols such as UART,I2C and SPI and how they are used. This will all be covered from an InfoSec perspective. Attendees will learn how to utilize the boards for penetration testing and security research.”

So, if you love hardware and you want to learn some hardware hacking or you want to learn about the new hardware stuff, you definitely would want to watch HackSpace. HackSpace will be free for all the attendees. For more details and for registration, you can visit the official DEFCON Kerala website.