Lumia 1020 up for Pre-Order in India for 50K!

The long wait is finally coming to an expected end. The Nokia Lumia 1020 which was recently launched in India is now up for pre-order through Nokia India's website. However, the price will not cheer you up, especially if you expected something different from Nokia.

According to the website, you can now place your order for a whooping Rs. 49,999. Well yes, its 50K! But many of you have expected this and some expected different. But the USP here is that the Lumia 1020 packs a 41MP sensor which by far holds the crown for the best camera in a Smartphone. Other than that, its a very well improved Lumia 920 which packs all the Nokia goodies and its made for camera enthusiasts and the common sensual guys and girls.

Yes, even I was put down by the price. I had a few dreams about exchanging my Lumia 920 which is a damn great phone IMO and get a 1020 but the current prices aren't going well for me. However, I still have hope that Nokia may open up such a program just like the Buy Back one so that current owners can seamlessly get a Lumia 1020 without giving much. If they do so, they can win with the Lumia 1020 which already received massive amounts of Pre-Order through Flipkart and other sellers which was the ever highest for Nokia in India.

However, its not just the built-in sensor that makes up the device. There are also pretty nice camera accessories like the Camera Grip which will extend your battery and provide a real Camera experience with a bigger Shutter button that will give you the perfect comfort.

However, don't just let your hopes away as there is chance for a price drop to about 40K-45K once the device becomes available. Pre-Order prices are normally above the expected one and you shouldn't just let your dreams fade away right now. Yes, even I have hope. I still would miss the Lumia 920 big time if this were to happen.

If you aren't down with the price, then you should definitely book this phone as its not just a damn great cameraphone but a damn good Smartphone too. Plus, you won't need to carry your camera all the time as the Lumia 1020 will be just like a mini SLR.