Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate Review

The Good

The Bad

  • Seamless charging experience
  • Beautiful Design
  • Small surface area
  • Bulky charger limits portability.
  • Multiple components rather than a single piece of equipment.

Since the arrival of the Lumia series, Nokia has been at hard-work in bringing innovations to reality. And one of the first products of that motto was this -- Wireless Charging.

Wireless Charging is much more awesome than it simply sounds. Even though the tech was present throughout since Smartphones first appeared, Nokia made it a boom. Today, many of the new Nokia Lumia phones support Wireless Charging through either in-built or adaptable shells.

I admit that I was too driven by this awesome new tech. Since the first day with my Nokia Lumia 920, I've been dreaming of only one thing -- the Wireless Charger. As you might know, Nokia Lumia 920 is the first Lumia to sport an in-built Wireless Charging coil. So, like any one of you, I was fascinated to own one and see it in action. And yes, my desire came true a couple of days later.I went to a Nokia Store and bought a Wireless Charging Plate, the DT-900. Well, I would've preferred the FatBoy pillow instead but I had a tight budget. Moreover, I simply wanted to try this stuff before I go in further.

Right now, I have spent enough time playing with my Lumia and the Plate. In short, both are awesome. The phone itself is a winner but the Wireless Chargers are the stuff you need to know about. After months of charging and playing around, here's how it's been.

Wireless Charging = Awesome!

In a nutshell, the DT-900 is awesome. Its seamless, portable and efficient. There's no need to ponder about the efficiency of the charger. As far as I'm aware, there's slight difference between the time it takes to charge by a USB charger and a Wireless Charger. Theoretically speaking, the USB charger would be faster but the difference is negligible for a common user.

The design and appearance is simple. It has an elliptical shape and is light-weight. However, that's not all. The box contains the plate, a cord and a big charger. I bought a yellow one. Basically, you need to connect the charger to a socket and through the cord, connect the charger and the plate and that's it. That makes up the charger. Even though the plate is slick, the charger ain't. This was a low-side for me. If it weren't this big, the whole setup would've been much more portable. A charging indicator is present in front of the plate.

But that doesn't make it stationary. However, USB chargers are still the most compact option for travel. I wouldn't carry the plate if I were you. Luxury can wait, eh?

The function of the plate is simple. Charge the phone. But here, there's no physical contact between the phone and the plate except for the fact that it needs to be placed on the plate. So, this makes it easy for people to charge in a hassle-free way.

For example, if you were to use the USB charger, say you are receiving a call. You need to unhook the charger before accepting the call. Sometimes, if you are in a rush, you may pull your phone and either the phone falls down or the charger. I know this because I've experienced it many times. Once, I even broke a charger upon pulling it before unplugging it.

With the Wireless Charger, you don't need to worry about all that. Just place it on the plate and the phone will start charging. When you want to use it, just take it from the plate and you are good to go. However, there's still a problem with the DT-900. It's surface area is small and hence, you need to place the phone properly in order to get efficient charging.

But there's a solution to that. I saw some cool DIY tutorials in YouTube by which you can place the plate underneath a table and use the table as the charger. It's simple but I haven't tried it yet.

Apart from that, there ain't a big deal about Wireless Chargers. Basically, its a 'Smartphone Luxury' or so to speak for now. It gives you comfort and frees you from the troubles of wired chargers. Just like we had problems for out wired keyboards, mice and headphones and later we made them wireless, the charger too went wireless and hence, it adds an extra degree of comfort.


As I said, you don't get extra efficiency or battery life through Wireless Chargers. The purpose is simple -- offering hassle-free and seamless charging process. Hence, chances of breaking gets slim and you can move your phone seamlessly. Apart from that, there isn't anything special about Wireless Charging. But yes, this is a breakthrough, right? Just like we invented Wireless mice, keyboards and headphones, we added Wireless Chargers to our inventory so that there's an extra degree of comfort and freedom for charging.

At Rs. 2699, the DT-900 is a pretty nice option for those who'd like to experience the awesomeness of Wireless Charging. It's not highly portable. However, the lack of surface area might prove uncomfortable for the 'highly comfortable' people. If you have the money, then you might wanna check out the FatBoy pillow charger which is a better way to charge which comes at the expense of extra money.