Nokia #ZoomReinvented Event Live Blog (Webcast)

Today is the big day for all Nokia fans out there. Nokia will be conducting the #ZoomReinvented event at 8:30 PM IST (11AM EST) at NYC and boy, I'm thrilled! For those who still don't know about today's special event, here's the thing. Nokia is all set to unleash its next Windows Phone flagship which is highly anticipated to contain a 41MP sensor which will bring SLR like camera quality in a smartphone. Literally speaking, ingenious! Not just that but it'll also be including a Xenon Flash unit and 6 Carl Zeiss lenses which all together builds up a tiny SLR. Amazing, right?

The smartphone was previously tagged with code names like 'EOS', 'Eros' and 'Mars' but as of now, its going to be called the Nokia Lumia 1020 and its a fabulous phone looking at the leaked images. The phone will also be including all of the existing Nokia qualities and features along with the new sensor unit which will in turn lead it to be become the best smartphone out there.

Today, I'll be live-blogging for the second time from my home while watching the webcast as I believe I don't have any pending works to do. If you want to watch the live webcast instead, you can do that at the Nokia Conversations website by clicking here.

So, set your timers folks! We're just hours away from the official kickoff and I'm already sensing plenty of fun! Stay tuned in to hear the latest updates.