Guide to PC Game Trainers -- Cheat the Game!

Those times when you are almost at the end of a video game and you can't get past the last level because of that tyrannous game boss or because you lack a certain amount of coins or other stuff -- how tiring it could be and nevertheless boring too. But thankfully, we have or we had cheat codes through which gave infinite health to our player or just through a press of few buttons gave an extra 1000 coins to our inventory. Cheating a game is not fair but its plain fun sometimes!

Thankfully, due to Keyboards, PC players are able to get most of the cheat codes as they can be entered with ease while in-game whereas its difficult to add much codes to consoles. But recently, the availability of cheat codes in PC games have significantly decreased. You won't be finding much or any cheats in the latest games in store. This means more retries and more hard work to finish a game -- which most of us don't prefer normally.

But hopefully, we have an alternative to cheat codes which are much easier to use as well as giving you an expanded set of options you can play with. These are referred to as Game Trainers or simply, Trainers. Trainers are nothing but a small application which hacks into the game you are playing and allows you to tweak the game settings in anyway you desire or simply, which allows you to cheat a game. Easy win, nuh?

But what necessarily distinguish them from the good old cheat codes? Will they impact your game performance? Here are the points you need to know to understand the advantages and the rare consequences of a Trainer.


  • Easy to use and no prerequisite knowledge needed.
  • More and more ways to cheat the game.
  • Cheat activated by the press of a key or a combination of two keys.
  • No impact on your game performance and works as if it were embedded into the game itself.
  • Some trainers are customizable and you can set the desired values yourself.
  • Can be toggled to activate/deactivate.


  • Most trainers need to be started separately before running the game.
  • The same game trainer cannot be used for different versions of the game. If you update your game, you need to get a new trainer that works with the current update. Else, it can glitch or crash your game; and rarely, it can corrupt your save files.
  • Using trainers online via Xbox Live or Steam may ban your account. However, using cheat codes is safe even if it may disable your game achievements.
  • A nice fraction of the google results you get for trainers are spams or may contain malware that can impact your system performance. You need to select the trainers carefully.
  • Trainers are not Anti-Virus friendly and your AVs can trigger warnings of a virus/malware inside the trainer even if the trainer is safe.
But these are silly consequences that I could hardly make up and these doesn't mean that Trainers are unsafe for you to use. But there is one important step while using trainers --  you need to figure out the right one! But don't worry as I'll guide you into finding out the best trainer that suits up your game and how to use it seamlessly with your video game.

Step 1: Finding Your Game Version

This step is crucial as there are numerous trainers available to download for the same game. But these differ based on the game versions. And if you use the wrong version of the trainer with your game, it can cause glitches and can even cause the game to crash. So, it is important that we dig out the proper version of the game trainer before downloading it and for that, we need to know the current version of the game. This can be easily found out without any extra stuff.

As an example, I have Metro: Last Light on my computer but I'm not sure of the current version. To know this, I go to the folder where I've installed Metro: Last Light (in this case, its D:\Metro Last Light) and then right-click on the game executable (MetroLL.exe in my case) and then select properties from the drop-down list. A dialog box pops up. Click the Details tab and it'll list out the details of the executable. Notice the File Version or the Product Version row. The value of this field gives you the version of the game and that's it!

But sometimes, the game version may not be present in the Details tab. In this case, there are normally two options. One is to open up your game and go to the Credits or About option in the game menu to check whether the version is noted there. Otherwise, there's the hit and trial method -- you might need to download and try each different game trainer to see which one works perfectly with your current version.

Before you do the hit and trial method, make sure you backup your save file and then proceed in order to be safe from data corruption.

Step 2: Downloading the Game Trainer

Google can give you a lot of results for the trainer you are looking for but the problem is -- not all is genuine. There are some sites which offer good quality trainers from trusted sources whereas there are tons of others looking forward to cause significant damage to your system and to you. Hence, you need to be aware of some of the trusted sites before you google. Here are some of the top places to get good Game Trainers.
These are a few of the trusted resource pages where you can find quality trainers. CheatHappens is mostly premium and if you are willing to pay, you can get good quality trainers with a steady support.

Sites like MegaGames always helped me to get the right trainers for my games.
You can either go visit these sites directly or simply google for your game trainer and make sure you select a link pointing to any one of these websites. While you google, make sure that you give the name of your game as well as the game version before hitting search. For example, if I need a trainer for Metro: LL for version, I would search like this:
Metro Last Light Trainer

Step 3: Using the Trainer

Most probably, the trainer would be present as a compressed package. Therefore, you need to extract the files first before you can use it. Its better to create a folder named Trainers on your Desktop or elsewhere on your PC to keep all the trainers in one place. Inside this folder, create another folder titled with the name of your game and extract the trainer files to this folder.

If your Antivirus blocks the files while extracting them by signalling a false signal, you need to first disable the Antivirus and then extract the files to the folder. Once you've done that, create an exception for the folder through your Antivirus and then you can start it again.

Once you extracted the files, open the folder and run the executable. Sometimes, you need to run it with Admin rights in order for it to properly work. In that case, you need to right-click on the executable and select Run as Administrator to use it.

Once you've booted up the trainer, you can check it out for information on the cheat trigger keys and even the trainer activation key. If you can't find this in the Trainer, then go to the folder where you extracted the trainer files and check for a text file or an .nfo file. You can open these with Notepad or other Text Editors to see the contents and to understand how it works.

Once you've gotten the knowledge of using the trainer, go ahead and launch the game directly through the executable. Once you've entered inside the game, start the game and then pause it. Now, press the activation key if there is any to activate the Trainer. You'll hear an activation tone or status after you've pressed the button. Now, you can press the required cheat trigger keys to trigger the cheat and you'll get an activation tone for these two. If you press the same key again, you'll hear a deactivation tone to notify you that the cheat has been disabled. Now, you can continue your game and you'll see that you've successfully cheated the game and now possess godly powers over your game. Tada! Now, go ahead and beat that final boss or add plenty of coins or items to your inventory by just a press of a button!

You can switch between the game and trainer by using the key combination Alt+Tab. This helps if you've forgot the trigger keys and need to look at them again and won't cause any crashes or glitches.
If you're not hearing any activation sounds while pressing the trainer keys, then the Trainer doesn't support the version of the game you're currently having. Either update your game or get trainer that works with your game version. It's not safe to use outdated trainers with newer game versions or vice versa.
It's better not to use Cheat Codes and Game Trainers at the same time as it may cause conflicts in the code and can crash the game.