Surface N: Uber Cool Concept of a Surface Phone

We all do want to see Microsoft coming up with a new smartphone which we usually dub with the prefix "Surface". Well, unfortunately, Microsoft has no plans for the moment but what if the software giant come up with a Surface phone in the future? We know Microsoft's ambitious and always comes up with innovative ideas. So, an animator guessed it up and made a cool concept video of a dream Windows Phone which they call the 'Surface N'.

No more words, just see it for yourself below.

Now how cool was that? Ingenious -- I would say. There's almost every futuristic tech that one expects tailored in this concept video and its stunning. Holography, transparency, ultra-thin design -- you name it. The Holography and emotion theme part were my favourites. Holography was always my favourite and I always dreamed of inventing it someday or at least live long enough to see it  in majority of today's gizmos. After all, it can reduce a lot of weight whilst making the whole stuff more portable and convenient. Even though we've invented simple and small-scale projectors, nothing like you've seen in Star Trek or Avatar or even in Tony Stark's apartment is a reality as of today.

It's sad no one so far created a phone that has at least any one of these tech in full potential but lets just save that for the future. If you've seen any better or other cool concepts, don't forget to share them in your comments right below!