Sorry Jeremy -- You broke the Galaxy SIV secret!

It seems Jeremy sucks at keeping a secret. I really thought he'd mute his mouth till the event goes live. But sorry Jeremy, you're fired!

After the apparent leaks of the Galaxy SIV images and a video, the same YouTube guy has uploaded 4 more videos which mentions the specific features of Samsung Galaxy SIV. A video also shows the rumoured SmartPause feature but there aren't any Eye-tracking feature mentioned in the videos. However, with this, it is pretty clear that the leaked stuff are Samsung Galaxy SIV assets and Samsung won't be happy Jeremy let out their big secret!

For those who don't get the idea Jeremy -- FYI, Jeremy is the boy from the Galaxy SIV teaser where the head asks the boy to keep a secret UNPACKED box which obviously contains the Galaxy SIV and he's told to keep it a secret and also to never show it to anyone else until the UNPACKED event day appears. Well, not you know he's not a good secret keeper after all! ;)

Now, lets move onto the videos. The first one titled "Floating touch demo" shows off the basic UI of the phone. Its an improved TouchWiz which seems to float (not so much) and its more fluid. A user can simply long-press an object like a video to show an expanded version (like hovering over an image in Google Image Search) or show more details of a message. It seems more elegant and more informative. Surely, there's some improvement in the TouchWiz playground.

The next video explains surfing in Galaxy SIV through the default Samsung Browser. Well, it seems same for most part and it seemed fairly similar to that of the experience with S3. However, the touch seems more responsive at most parts. Another feature explained in the video was the Motion-Scrolling where you can hover over your hand in a direction to scroll the page in the specific direction. However, it didn't go well as the device failed to detect his hand most times. However, it seems to be a fairly better way to surf.

This one's my favourite as it exceeded my expectation though it wasn't widely explained. The SmartPause feature seems astonishing as it works pretty well! In the video, the user plays a video and then he takes his eyes off from the video and the video pauses. That's a handy thing as it could be useful most times. However, I expected to see a SmartPlay too as it would be cool if the phone would play the paused video when you start looking at it. Anyways, SmartPause works!

The last video was about the new lockscreen. Samsung has replaced the ripples live wallpaper with a one where light shines as you move your finger through the lockscreen and it seems cute. However, the phone locks once he unlocks it in the video and he fails to unlock it in a few tries and finally manages to unlock it again. This indicates that there's a lot of bugs and glitches you can expect from this new device. I don't think the lockscreen would go good if this were the case.

These are all the most-genuine leaks I've seen. I will update this post once more details are leaked. Meanwhile, share your opinion with me through the comments. Do you think the Galaxy SIV is worth the money and do you think Samsung has a true successor in the Arsenal for the competition? Stay tuned for more!