Play Wii games on your PC with Dolphin

Last time, I wrote an article on emulating PS2 games on your PC with an uber-cool emulator called PCSX2. It was fun and really helps those who got bored with PC games right now (like me). However, PS2 is kinda outdated and hence, most of you will find very few new titles for PS2 right now. However, if you're still thinking whether there's any other console you could emulate on your PC, then hope is still there. The answer is Nintendo Wii.

Yeah, it's Wii. There's no problem if you haven't seen Wii before or doesn't actually know how it works. However, those who know about it may ask questions like -- "How am I gonna play Wii games using my Keyboard and Mouse or a Gamepad?". Well, don't worry as you'll not need any of the Wii controllers like the Wiimote to play the games.

The search for emulators took me to Wii as I got so bored with PC games. I really loved WWE games as they're really fun and I'm a huge fan of the franchise. However, I was frustrated when they stopped developing new WWE titles for PS2 since WWE 2011. However, as I stated before in my article, there are no real emulators that you can use to emulate those awesome Xbox 360 and PS3 titles and most are fake (99.9%). This took me to Wii. The graphics were very similar to the one in PS2 and the visuals wont be too great. However, its still playable and enjoyable. Moreover, WWE '13 also has a Wii version. Another interesting thing was that it also supports NetPlay which means you can play with your friends online. I haven't really tested it out and I'm sure it works pretty well.

Dolphin Emulator's main screen.

Hence, I found Dolphin Emulator, one of the best and easiest emulators I've ever seen. Unlike PCSX2, there aren't much to configure and this makes it easy to set up. However, the only problems would be the controls as Wii is a varied console unlike the others which are often based on Gamepads. Wii has the Wiimote and other accessories, mostly motion-sensing stuff. But if you're using Keyboard and Mouse to control, the controls would be set up once you open the emulator and you can change them if you want to. Moreover, you can use a Gamepad if you wish and even Wii controllers if you have them with you!


Now, let's get into action. Running Wii games on your PC requires a decent enough PC. Emulating requires more stamina even if you're emulating stuff that seems to be century-old. Moreover, expect a lot of glitches and bugs. So, confirm you have checked these things before you begin.
  • Windows/Mac OS
  • An average rigged PC with a dual core processor and a good GPU.
  • Keyboard & Mouse/Gamepad/Wii Controllers


Let's begin the process. Here's the stuff you need in order to set up and play Wii games with Dolphin. Download these stuff and read the instructions to start.
  1. Dolphin Emulator - Windows / Mac
  2. (Optional) DSP files - Click Here
  3. A Wii game (.iso,.wbfs,.gcm etc)


  1. Extract the downloaded Dolphin Emulator file to any location on your hard drive. There's no installation and the program is a direct-start type.
  2. Now, if you downloaded DSP files, extract them to Dolphin Emulator/User/GC to get LLE recompiler option which increases quality.
  3. If you're having Wiimote and other Wii controllers with you, you can connect them to your PC and play the games using these controllers. Unfortunately, since I don't have any, I don't know the way to set it up. However, this would help you out.
  4. If you're having an Xbox 360 controller or a Gamepad, open Dolphin Emulator by double-clicking on Dolphin.exe. Now, select Options > Gamecube Pad Settings or click the GCPad icon. Select your device from the list and configure the controls as you wish by clicking the respective buttons and then pressing the respective button of your controller. Don't forget to give a name to the profile and save the settings.
  5. Obviously, I never had to change other settings for the emulator. Most were optimal. However, if you have a slow PC or an extreme one, you can further go inside the Options and change the Graphics settings to adjust the performance.
  6. Once you've done setting up the Emulator, Select Open and choose the Wii game file and click open. Click on Play to start playing!

If you're still confused on setting up Dolphin Emulator, check out the video below which was uploaded by the DE Team to see the complete configuration of the emulator.

That was easy, wasn't it? You can check out the Dolphin Emulator website to get more support and to learn more about the emulator. One thing you must note is that even if you have the best rig, emulation may not be perfect and you will often get glitches. Moreover, I had a problem with the audio at some points where you'll hear lot of squeaky noises but will fade away soon. If you're having any problems while emulating, do report here.

Meanwhile, I will extend my quest for emulators. I'm sure there are a lot of interesting ones out there in the web. Let me see if there's something worth to share with you guys.