It's my blog now!

Hello kiddos!

It's been a long time since I've scribbled down a post. I was off and busy with my damn exams. Now that it got over, I'm quite ready to start over again.

But this time, it'll be just me. That's right, Sabernova is now my own personal blog. :) I didn't simply kick out the other team members just to make this my blog. But, they're quite busy with their studies and stuff and most of them are away. So, I felt it was inappropriate to keep it deserted. So, turned it to a blog, a simple one, no fancy stuff (except for the animation above which I found to be, pretty!).

Well, I don't want to tell what this blog's for, do I? Why do users get a blog? To share info, views, motives and to keep it as a virtual diary. Well, same goes here. But since I'm made of tech-stuff, I'd share all the info I find about computers, gadgets, electronics and all the geeky stuff.

I'll try to be a 'human' towards my blog, but it'd be rare for sure, to come stuff like that out of my hands. I'm bonded with the computer world, so, computers are everything to me. Just like Einstein who loved Physics, I love computers and each and every corner associated with it (P.S. I love Physics too!).

Well, so, that's it. I'm ending the first post of the blog now. I didn't want to change the name of the blog to some other... You know, 'The Geek's blog' or 'World of Tech' or something stupid like that. Just felt the name was unique. :) So, Sabernova will be my personal blog, from now onwards. Please support it and comment on it. Share my posts if you like them or find them useful and oh, share the word with your friends too, about my blog. :)

P.S. I promise try my max to update the blog ASAP all the time! Please support it! :)