Google Docs, Google+, Google Chrome: What's new?

Google has unveiled a bunch of updates for it's apps and products at Google I/O 2012. And they're amazing as they sound too. With better apps and UI, Google is pushing the battle to gain superiority in every field of tech. The main updates includes Google+, Google Docs and the final version of Google Chrome.

Finally, iOS users can enjoy rich browsing experience on their iDevices via Google Chrome. Yes, Google Chrome is now available for iOS. While Chrome may sound useful for iOS users out there, it really ain't. Most of you often forget the fact that Apple doesn't allow third-party browsers to be installed on iOS. So, to bring Chrome to iOS, Google had to rely on Apple's Safari, and under-the-hood of Chrome for iOS is the same Safari engine. It's just a Safari with a Chrome touch. However, you will surely find it lovely.

Google Docs is now available offline.You can now view, edit documents on the go via the revamped Google Docs. Also, Google announced Google Docs for iOS devices and Windows devices coming very soon.
Events are now available for Google+ adding up to its features.
Google+ too, as expected got updates and tweaks. The Google+ app is now more user friendly with a revamped UI and much more interesting features. Google+ has added an events feature which allows users to create events, invite people and share photos and stuff with them. Shared locations is also a new cool feature. Google+ has now a better stand over Facebook. Though the new event feature is pretty useful, it got spammed just a few hours after its release. Many pranksters utilized the much freedom of Google+ Events and sent invites to many scamming their profiles and their calendars. This fired up many users. Later, Google VP, Vic, promised a fix for Events providing more control to users to be rolled out ASAP.